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Sakawa (419) fraud

Sakawa which i really dont even know if is a correct spelling in our local language categorized with people who are associated with fraud to duping people of their possessions.The most popular ones are the internet fraud which we all know.There have been another forms of incidents which i myself was caught up into. This happened on 3rd April, 2009…

In this case, They pose themselves to be lost and want u to help them locate a place. What happens is if u claim u don’t know the place, there his partner will just pass by and sometimes tell u to ask that person if he knows the place ” they are partners”. The moment u give them the chance u fall into their trap, they use charm so what ever they tell you you do it without consciously knowing it. After they have caught you in their web, in my case they will told me for helping him he will give me diamond, with the diamond they will ask you if you get mercury mercury water it will make it heavy and more expensive, which you would not get so immediately he will ask if you have money on you, if you do he will tell you the shiny line in the money is mercury and if u put it just beside the mercury it will be heavy and more over if you have a mobile phone also put it beside it or rap it around it. After all this “which i call ritual” they ask you to depart and will caution you not to be shaking it ( in this state u are not yourself). In this instance the moment you gain consciousness you realise the diamond which they gave you are stones rapped in a tight paper.

My point is my phone and money turned into stones i did not understand whether it got vanished or they put stones in my bag, which i think he did. I would not call this a charm but i was  so fooled into following them to do their own thing.  Now am careful when someone even approach me for direction or to even buy something. I would not be fooled the second time…

There are many forms that this may come some are criminals. What world are we living in and what world are we advancing into.419
Be careful and Beware