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2010 Chess Olympiad

2010 Chess Olympiad - Russia Ugra

Ugra: An arena which features enthusiastic Chess players and GM

In the 3rd Third day of the game, Ghana log horns with Thailand and we have faith our participants are going to claim all 4 points or better.

In their first round 1 game we lost all 4 point to  Montenegro but hope is not lost. In the second round 2 game which we log horns with Mauritius we shared point apart 2:2.

Today Ghana faces Thailand and we are optimistic that we are going to have a major victory.

Our Participants

Anquandah, Francis Eric ,Koney Nii , Hoogendijk, Cornelis Will,Thompson, Edward Nii Lamp and K. Bonsu.

More energy guys, you are making us proud.