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Splash 4G


Splash 4G is a media and technology company focused on delivering rich compelling content over a high quality mobile network affordably to consumers, businesses and their stakeholders.

The Splash 4G Mobile network is Africa’s first and only borderless broadband network that allows seamless electronic communications in and between 35 African Nations, connecting Africans with Diaspora In Europe and the United States via an intricate mesh of fiber optic and 4th Generation wireless networks.

@Splash, We give you great tools, Splash-Pads, Splash-Top, Splash-Phones and Splongles, to listen to music, watch videos, play games and read print material bought or downloaded on the digital bazaar called the Internet.

The Splash-Cloud is a Virtual system for storing songs, photos and documents online and then making them accessible everywhere, Utilizing Splash-Sync, any content stored can be pushed to you on any or all of your devices anytime.

The company’s products range from network access devices including modems, routers, smart-phones and tablet computers, to High Definition Mobile IP Television Services as well as the data bandwidth that is consumed while browsing the Internet, Sending or Receiving emails or Streaming and Downloading media content.