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Touring Ghana Pt 2 (Cape Coast)

I alway love it when it come to adventure, exploration, learning in a natural way, it is fun though but it is a must for everyone to know much more about where he or she lives.

Moreover i don’t know if people know there is a crocodile santuary in Cape Coast and all along many people have attribute it to Paga. Maybe is lack of advertisement also.

My friends and i travel to kakum and on our way to the castle the driver showed us around and we had to go to a hotel which is learnt to harbor crocodile (40 in that area)

Hans Cottage, ask your tour guide to take u to this beautiful place

had the opportunity to see one just after it had taken some lunch and was resting in the sun.It was a great experience and i loved it.

There is a lot in here (Ghana). We did not have the opportunity to boat tour in the pond where the crocodiles are it could have been fun.

All should have fun and visit that place unfortunately it is on the way to kakum but i cannot recollect the name of the hotel.

Whenever u go to kakum ask your tour guide or the driver to take u to the crocodile dungeon.