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Splash 4G is a media and technology company focused on delivering rich compelling content over a high quality mobile network affordably to consumers, businesses and their stakeholders.

The Splash 4G Mobile network is Africa’s first and only borderless broadband network that allows seamless electronic communications in and between 35 African Nations, connecting Africans with Diaspora In Europe and the United States via an intricate mesh of fiber optic and 4th Generation wireless networks.

@Splash, We give you great tools, Splash-Pads, Splash-Top, Splash-Phones and Splongles, to listen to music, watch videos, play games and read print material bought or downloaded on the digital bazaar called the Internet.

The Splash-Cloud is a Virtual system for storing songs, photos and documents online and then making them accessible everywhere, Utilizing Splash-Sync, any content stored can be pushed to you on any or all of your devices anytime.

The company’s products range from network access devices including modems, routers, smart-phones and tablet computers, to High Definition Mobile IP Television Services as well as the data bandwidth that is consumed while browsing the Internet, Sending or Receiving emails or Streaming and Downloading media content.

2010 Chess Olympiad

2010 Chess Olympiad - Russia Ugra

Ugra: An arena which features enthusiastic Chess players and GM

In the 3rd Third day of the game, Ghana log horns with Thailand and we have faith our participants are going to claim all 4 points or better.

In their first round 1 game we lost all 4 point to  Montenegro but hope is not lost. In the second round 2 game which we log horns with Mauritius we shared point apart 2:2.

Today Ghana faces Thailand and we are optimistic that we are going to have a major victory.

Our Participants

Anquandah, Francis Eric ,Koney Nii , Hoogendijk, Cornelis Will,Thompson, Edward Nii Lamp and K. Bonsu.

More energy guys, you are making us proud.

PHP & JavaScript

Recently  i really had a tough time doing something very trivial and still weighing my head. I am back to the drawing board to learn javascript, cos i taught i could hide  from this one.

I have become more addicted to PHP that i want to do everything in PHP but i was enlightened about a fact about php that i did not know and even if i knew i did not think that was the problem i was facing.

“Problem: I have  two select form where by the values of the first field is related to the second in that when a value of the first field is select the value of the second field changes and all the data is selected from the database;”

I was successful somehow to do that in PHP but it did not work as i expected cos u have to refresh each time for the data to change.

I will appreciate if u can contribute to this post….

Official Church of Scientology Online Videos: What is Scientology, Scientologist Beliefs, Spiritual Healing with Dianetics


via Official Church of Scientology Online Videos: What is Scientology, Scientologist Beliefs, Spiritual Healing with Dianetics.

Inauguration of OPSU and Dinner Dance

Inauguration of OPSU / Dinner Dance

In the wake of time last year when past student of Our Lady of Mercy Senior High taught it wise to reestablish the Union officially and to swear in Executive for the union brought us together under one roof at the school hall.

From the organizer of the program, this will go a long way to hype the union to greater height. Most honored guest were invited which include Mrs. Roberta Appau ( Head Mistress), Dr Andoh ( Chairperson ), The PTA Chair, Guest Speaker Mr. Adade, Rev. Ft. Obeng.

Speech read by the President Gideon Makui, declared the year onward as the “GROWTH OF OPSU” and was optimistic that our number will increase and the aims and objective of the union will be fulfilled.In his speech we laid down plans and action to be taken to bring the union to it full potential. One being the adoption of OPSU in the tertiary institution since most of our numbers are in school and the rest in the working field.

OPSU have now come of age, as the president of the union i will in my ability make sure the union stand and increase our membership.With one accord all OPSUNIANS should rally behind the union to make our voice one to make our School popular and recognized.


Touring Ghana Pt 2 (Cape Coast)

I alway love it when it come to adventure, exploration, learning in a natural way, it is fun though but it is a must for everyone to know much more about where he or she lives.

Moreover i don’t know if people know there is a crocodile santuary in Cape Coast and all along many people have attribute it to Paga. Maybe is lack of advertisement also.

My friends and i travel to kakum and on our way to the castle the driver showed us around and we had to go to a hotel which is learnt to harbor crocodile (40 in that area)

Hans Cottage, ask your tour guide to take u to this beautiful place

had the opportunity to see one just after it had taken some lunch and was resting in the sun.It was a great experience and i loved it.

There is a lot in here (Ghana). We did not have the opportunity to boat tour in the pond where the crocodiles are it could have been fun.

All should have fun and visit that place unfortunately it is on the way to kakum but i cannot recollect the name of the hotel.

Whenever u go to kakum ask your tour guide or the driver to take u to the crocodile dungeon.